I’m a software developer from Austria. I’m am also graduate student of computer science at the Vienna University of Technology.

I currently work for RISE. My professional interests include:

  • Java, C#, Python, and Ruby
  • NFC and smart cards (with a focus on JavaCard smart cards)
  • Continuous integration and deployment automation
  • RESTful architectures
  • Model-driven software engineering

See my Résumé for more details…

You can email me at rb@robertbachmann.at.

  • Twitter @robertbachmann
  • Slideshare
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Xing profile

Software projects

Open Source Software projects I’ve contributed to:

  • jCardSim: Added various features and bug fixes
  • Liquibase: Added support for changeset comments in formatted SQL
  • jsonrpc4j: Fix for bug #52
  • Mercurial SCM: Added support for the Atom syndication format to Mercurial’s web frontend (hgweb) and an XML output format for Mercurial’s changelogs (hg log)
  • HTML::Tidy: Added support for configuring HTML::Tidy without using a configuration file and implemented various bug fixes
  • hAtom2Atom